Uber unhappy with City of Eugene's efforts to allow service to operate

EUGENE, Ore. - Changes are coming to the Eugene city code that will allow companies like Uber to operate.

But the ride-sharing service is still unhappy and operating illegally in Eugene, racking up fines.

The first change will allow smartphone applications like Uber to calculate fares.

The second is more of a clarification: in order to operate, the company must have a public passenger vehicle license.

The city says this will cost the company $400, plus $45 for each driver to get certified.

But that certification and license is what Uber still has a problem with.

To get the required license, drivers will have to undergo a background check by Eugene Police, something Uber does on it's own.

Drivers will also need to have their insurance and vehicles checked by the city.

The company maintains that, because it's drivers are part-time and use their own vehicles, rules for traditional taxi companies aren't a good regulatory fit.

"City Council vote puts the livelihood of hundreds of residents at risk while ignoring the voice of Eugene residents who already rely on Uber to connect them to safe, affordable, and reliable rides around their community," the company said in a statement. "We remain committed to working with city leaders to develop commonsense regulations."

For now, Uber is opearting illegally in Eugene. The company has already racked over $100,000 in fines.

The company says it needs to be regulated differently than traditional taxi companies.

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