U-pick fruit season picks up for summer in Willamette Valley

Cherries will be ripe for picking starting this weekend, with blueberries and peaches soon to follow. Photo by Audrey Weil.

HARRISBURG, Ore. -- It's the First Day of Summer and the start of U-pick season.

At Detering Orchards, that means fresh cherries.

Starting Friday, anyone can go out to the farm in Harrisburg and pick a bucket-full.

Owner Stephen Demergasso said this is the kick-off to the busy season.

And thanks to the weather, he says they have a great crop of Rainier and Lambert cherries ripe for picking.

"You have to have a mix. You've gotta have some hot days and then you don't want it too hot. They'll get too soft and they'll all come on to quick so a nice balance of 80 degree days is about perfect for cherries right now," Demergasso said.

He said the best trick for cherry-picking is make sure you get the firm ones.

As far as other produce, strawberry season is winding down.

But in the next few weeks, blueberries, peaches and nectarines will be ready too.

Detering Orchards is also celebrating Latin Family Day on Sunday.

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