U of O Campus Planning works on several projects around the University

    Groundbreaking is coming up soon on the first phase of the Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact. The project represents a $1 billion investment over the next decade, anchored by a $500 million donation from Nike founder Phil Knight and his wife, Penny. (Courtesy University of Oregon)

    EUGENE, Ore. — If you've been anywhere near or around the University of Oregon recently, chances are you've noticed a lot of construction.

    "We have $350 million worth of construction underway right now and about 400 million in the planning process soon to begin," said Michael Harwood, the Associate VP and University Architect. "At any one point time we have between 20 and 30 significant projects happening."

    Harwood, with the U of O Campus Planning Department, says one of those projects is the 60,000 square foot Tykeson Hall.

    "Combining career counseling with academic counseling and a number of classrooms, and so they really got some innovative ideas about how to make that work to improve student success," said Harwood.

    That project is set to be completed this summer, not too far from Tykeson hall.

    One of the oldest buildings left on campus — the Collier House — will be relocated to give way to another project meant to accommodate enrollment growth.

    "We looked down the road and want to increase our enrollment by about 3,000 students," said Harwood. "One of the things we need will be additional offices for our faculty that hire to teach those additional students and then more classrooms seats."

    Meanwhile, parking on campus remains a challenge, so they're planning on putting in new parking spaces.

    "The Millrace Drive parking deck will be available to all of our parking patrons," said Harwood. "The smaller project is funded by Knight Campus it will be available to all the all campus users."

    Harwood says the construction work benefits everyone in the long run.

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