Trooper critically injured by homicide suspect takes first walk outside

Courtesy Hayley Shelton

Less than a month after he was seriously injured by a homicide suspect, an Oregon State Police trooper has taken his first steps outside.

James Tylka shot and killed his estranged wife Kate Armand on Christmas Day, south of Sherwood. Officers from multiple agencies responded to the call and Oregon State trooper Nic Cederberg was able to track down Tylka just after the shooting.

The two got into some kind of confrontation. Tylka shot and critically injured Cederbeg, who was hospitalized at OHSU with life-threatening injuries. Immediately after, Tylka was shot and killed by other officers.

According to Cederberg's wife Hayley Shelton, he took his first steps outside this week.

"As if what he's doing isn't already difficult enough... He continues to blow me away with his strength and persistence to push through the pain in an effort to do the simplest tasks that most of us take for granted every day," Hayley wrote on her Facebook page.

Cederberg's brother has maintained a GoFundMe page for Nic, updated the public with Nic's progress. Click here to read more.

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