'Track Town USA' could be shared with Portland

Eugene's longstanding reputation as Track Town, U.S.A. has been established through its dedicated track following and iconic running destinations like Hayward Field or Pre's Trail.

However Eugene may soon have to share Track Town U.S.A. nickname with Portland as the company that owns the title looks to expand north.

"Track Town U.S.A." incorporated partners with the U.S.A. Track and Field Team when hosting events. They want to submit a plan that would make the Oregon Convention Center in Portland the home of the 2016 World Indoor Track Championships.

Company president Vin Lananna said they often face the challenges of finding and Oregon venue that can accommodate their crowds with things like available hotel space and an international airport.

"There's no question that the sport of track and field needs a spark, and there is no better place to ignite that spark but in a community, a place that embraces the sport of track and field," said Lananna.

The plan will be submitted to International Association of Athletics Federations in Monaco next week. Oregon runners our news team spoke with said they are embracing the bid, hope it'll turn Oregon into Track State, U.S.A.

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