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Visits to hit a record new high in 2017. Visitors clicked on some stories more than others. Here are the Top 16 stories from for the year.

Visits to hit a record new high in 2017. Visitors clicked on some stories more than others. Here are the Top 16 stories from for the year.

16. 18-year-old dies in Hwy 58 car wreck

EUGENE, Ore. (October 6) - Oregon State Police responded to a two-vehicle fatal crash at the intersection of Highway 58 and Rattlesnake Road. Police have identified Jonathon Lionel Brooks, 18, as the only fatality in the accident.

15. Thurston residents report hearing explosion, seeing homes shake

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. (July 10) - Residents of the Thurston area of Springfield reported feeling the neighborhood shake as they were startled by the sound of an explosion shortly before 4 p.m. Monday.

14. Bald eagle found dead with talons cut off near Oregon/California border

BROOKINGS, Ore. (March 24) - Someone killed a bald eagle, cut off its talons and dumped the bird near the mouth of the Winchuck River, Oregon State Police said.

13. 20-year-old man dies after being run over by pickup at campground

TACOMA, Wash. (May 29) - A man who was intentionally run over at a Grays Harbor County campground on Saturday has died of his injuries.

12. Man charged with September 2016 murder in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. (November 9) - Police have made an arrest in the murder of a Eugene man shot to death in broad daylight in a Eugene neighborhood full of breweries and restaurants.

Kyle Robert Woody, 20, was booked into the Lane County Jail on Thursday on a charge of murder. The charge stems from the shooting death of 24-year-old Anthony Xavier Johnson near West Fourth Avenue near Adams Street in the Whiteaker neighborhood on Sept. 1, 2016.

11. Forest fire smoke chokes Eugene/Springfield

10. Current Oregon IDs won't be valid in airports beginning in 2018, unless things change

SALEM, Ore. (June 28) – If you plan on traveling by airplane in 2018, you might not be able to get through airport security with only your state ID.

Oregon-issued driver’s licenses do not comply with federal regulations. But a Senate bill in progress could enforce a change.

9. Beaverton strip club 'Stars' ordered to pay $1.25 million to 13-year-old dancer

PORTLAND, Ore. (June 20) — An Oregon strip club has agreed to pay $1.25 million to a dancer it employed when she was 13 years old.

8. What is Kratom, and why would you use it?

EUGENE, Ore. - (September 18) Last year, John Rolling Thunder says he was on his deathbed because the opioids had deteriorated his immune system to such a high degree.

Desperate for relief, he turned to a common herbal supplement called Kratom to detox from opioids. In just three weeks, he was off of both the opioids and Kratom all together.

7. ODOT requires chains on I-5 from Eugene to Wilsonville

EUGENE, Ore. (January 7) – ODOT said chains are required on Interstate 5 from Eugene to Wilsonville, as the winter storm makes its way north in the Willamette Valley Saturday.

6. Police: Hwy 126 near Florence closed after shootout ends in suspect's death

FLORENCE, Ore. (June 24) - Lane County Sheriff's Office was involved in a pursuit with a suspect that ended in gunfire and the closure of Hwy 126 near Florence while police investigate, police said.

According to the sheriff's office, the suspect fired at deputies.

Deputies returned fire and suspect was pronounced deceased on scene, the sheriff's office said.

5. Missing Dallas mom rescued from cliff along Highway 101

FLORENCE, Ore. (August 16) — A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter helped rescue a missing Dallas mother who was found on a cliff along the Oregon coast Wednesday, nearly four days after she last talked with family on the phone.

4. Level 1 Evacuation notice issued near Upper McKenzie River

EUGENE, Ore. (September 2) - A level 1 evacuation notice has been issued in Lane County, for residents near Hwy 126 from milepost 45 east to milepost 16 near Frissel Boat Launch.

Residents, campers and others along route 126 are being asked to BE READY to evacuate.

3. Residue from smoking meth in homes: 'It's basically invisible'

EUGENE, Ore. (May 16, 2014) - Jim Roles rattles off chemical names - a list of toxins left behind in homes where meth has been smoked.

Not made - just smoked. "Red phosphorous, ephedrine, hydrochloric or muriatic acid, sodium hydroxide," the building inspector with First Strike Environmental says.

You can't see the residue. "It's basically invisible," Roles says.

So what happens when you buy a home or move into a new rental and the past resident smoked meth?

2. Police: Woman towed kids in little red wagon behind car in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. (July 14) - Witnesses saw a woman driving through a busy intersection towing young children behind her in a wagon tied to the back of her car Wednesday evening.

"Our officer was, I think, a little flabbergasted," said Lt. Scott McKee with the Springfield Police Department.

1. New Oregon law: No more phones in the driver seat starting Oct. 1

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. (September 14) - Starting October 1, it is illegal to use a phone for any purpose while driving.

And as one officer showed us, the new law is a big change for Oregonians.

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