To people mocking Oregon about pumping gas: 'It’s not even all of us. So, joke’s on you'

The post from Hood River County Sheriff's Office superimposed on an AP Photo by Julio Cortez

HOOD RIVER, Ore. – A new law went into effect this year allowing Oregon drivers in some rural eastern counties to pump their own gas – something that some have never had to do before.

A reminder of the change was posted online, and commenters were quick to criticize Beaver State residents for their concern over the change - and lack of experience pumping their own gas.

Oregon remains one of the last states still requiring service attendants – the other being New Jersey.

The change in the gas pumping law only applies to counties with populations under 40,000.

“I like to think it’s because only us Eastern Oregon folk can be trusted with the admittedly simple responsibility of pumping our own gas,” the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office said Sunday in a post defending Oregonians.

The sheriff’s office took to social media to combat some of the misconceptions that arose from the viral nature of the recent law change.

One thing they covered? Stations are still required to offer customers the option of a fuel attendant between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

“Even if an owner decides it wants to have drivers pump their own gas, if that establishment also offers retail goods (kombucha, kale chips, Bigfoot Is My BFF t-shirts, etc.), it must still provide an employee,” the sheriff’s office said. “We can’t be expected to pump our gas, THEN go inside to get snacks.”

They concluded by admonishing those who thought the rule applied statewide.

“So, to the rest of the country that thought it was so hilarious that Oregonians were finally being forced to pump their own gas, it’s not even all of us. So, joke’s on you. I think,” the post said.

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