Thurston High School holds social media awareness night

Thurston High School holds social media awareness night

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Several parents attended a presentation about social media and internet safety on Tuesday night at Thurston High School.

Thurston will partner with the Springfield Police Department to educate students, staff members, families and our community over trends in social media.

There is a growing problem among teens and the use of technology. Inappropriate social media use is an issue that many schools are dealing nationwide.

At the presentation, there were discussions about social media, sexting, cyber safety and more.

"It's an opportunity for parents to learn a little bit more. It's an opportunity for the Springfield school district to work in concert with the Springfield Police Department," said Chad Towe, Principal at Thurston. "It's also an opportunity for the parents to hear the kind of information that we believe is most important for students to understand."

In addition to learning about the trends in social media, parents walked away with practical tips and strategies to better support their children.

The same material that was shared with parents on Tuesday night will be presented to students in classes at the end of the month from the Springfield Police Department.

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