The decision behind South Eugene's changing of the mascot

South Eugene announces they will no longer be called the axemen, due to be more inclusive, on February 13th, 2018. at South Eugene high school in South Eugene, Ore.

EUGENE, Ore.- The team name for South Eugene High School has officially been changed from the Axemen to the Axe.

It's been a topic of debate and discussion that has come up to the school administration for the past 30 years.

The decision to change the team name was officially announced on Monday, after the principal at South Eugene made a recommendation to the districts superintendent.

South Eugene does not have a mascot, but the Axemen has been the high school's team name for more than 90-years.

The 4J spokesperson, Kerry Delf, tells us the concern and complaint about having a gender specific name has come up in the past.

Delf says the tradition will continue, but without the suffix.

“It was determined that given that this was a question about equity and inclusion the way to make a decision was not a majority vote not a popularity contests but consideration of all the factors and doing our best to make the right decision going forward for the future generations of students,” said Delf.

The name change is effective now, and she says things like uniforms, banners and wall-paper with the name Axemen will be changed over time.

According to South Eugene principal’s fiscal statement, the name change will cost around $38,000.

The school will have to replace around 500 uniforms.

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