The 5 phone scams making the rounds in Eugene right now

    Has your SIM Card been hacked? Here's how you can tell

    EUGENE, Ore. -- More phone scams are making the rounds in Eugene, and police say they've received reports of about 20 in the last few weeks. Below, the five most popular scams are listed, and how to avoid them if necessary.

    1. Publisher’s Clearing House

    They never call winners and you certainly can’t win if you don’t enter.

    2. IRS

    They don’t call either. If you think you owe taxes, contact IRS independently through a number you have verified.

    3. Costco Travel Voucher

    It’s not Costco calling. They don’t offer free travel vouchers.

    4. Vague Government Agency

    With “serious matters pressed against you” and threatening arrest by “local police’. No government or law enforcement agency will call you in this manner.

    5. Grandparent Scam

    "Hi Grandma, I’ve been arrested”. Call a friend or family member to check this out. Better yet, just hang up!

    They say hanging up or screening your calls are always a safe bet.

    IF you fall victim to a scam, call police. If not, tell your family, friends and crime prevention, so that others won't fall victim either.

    And here are some sites to track scams:

    Federal Trade Commission Fraud Alerts

    Oregon Department of Justice Scam Alert Network

    AARP Fraud Watch Network

    In all of these, the scammers usually want payment in the form of a wire transfer, gift cars or prepaid credit cards.

    The Eugene Police say that it's important to report scams to the Federal Trade Commission as well.

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