Tests go well; baby Fatemeh to undergo heart surgery soon

Doctors at OHSU’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital say they expect to operate soon on a 4-month-old Iranian baby who gained national attention when her trip to the United States for life-saving surgery was put in jeopardy because of President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

After work from officials in Oregon and New York, Fatemeh Reshad was granted a waiver. Additionally, courts have so far blocked the president’s executive order banning travel from seven countries, including Iran.

Fatemeh was admitted into Doernbecher Feb. 7.

She has a heart defect that if left untreated will permanently damage her lungs and eventually kill her.

On Friday, doctors at Doernbecher conducted a cardiac catheterization. The procedure involves inserting a tiny plastic tube into a vein or artery and threading it through blood vessels and into the heart and lungs. They were looking to see how badly her lungs had been damaged.

"The procedure went well today. The results were very encouraging. Despite the excess of blood passing through her lungs we believe we can proceed with surgical correction as planned,” said Dr. Laurie Armsby.

Dr. Irving Shen said the baby’s condition can be fixed by closing holes in her heart and reconnecting arteries to the proper pumping chambers of her heart.

After the surgery, doctors expect Fatemeh to be in the hospital for up to three weeks.

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