Suspicious trashcan fires started in South Eugene High School

Suspicious trashcan fires started in South Eugene High School

EUGENE, Ore. - South Eugene High School students evacuated after several fires inside the school took place.

The parking lots were filled with fire engines and police cars on Friday, and investigators are now trying to put the pieces together for several arson fires inside the school.

Izaak Preston is one of the hundreds of students who were evacuated from the school on Friday morning.

Students followed the fire drill, and Eugene Police says there were three separate fires inside the building.

"We saw the smoke, but didn't see the flames," said Preston. "Right when I saw the smoke I knew it was suspicious."

There were three different trash cans that were it on fire around the same period of time. Police say the flames were extinguished by school employees, and nobody was injured.

"I thought it was going to be a huge fire scene in the bathrooms, like the entire school had to be cancelled," said Preston.

Students returned to class after an hour, and the Eugene Police are still studying the case, which remains under investigation.

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