Suspect behind Springfield drug bust used unmarked police car for low profile

A chat about Taser stun guns turned a traffic stop into a massive drug bust last weekend, Springfield Police said.Officers seize drugs worth $450,000, along with $50,000 cash, 5 assault rifles, body armor and other items - including the stun gun that started the conversation between the suspect and Officer Conner O’Leary. (SPD)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - At the end of October, the Springfield Police Department turned a routine traffic stop into a major drug bust, resulting in the discovery of a number of firearms and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of narcotics.

On Friday, police say they suspected that the drug trafficker, identified as Carlos Gabriel Morfin-Pedroza, routinely kept a low profile by driving a white Dodge Charger.

Lieutenant Scott McKee says it looks like an unmarked Police Vehicle to the naked eye, and that may have helped criminals traffic drugs around town. This vehicle even had police sirens inside the car.

"Transporting narcotics on the freeway, one way to avoid police interdiction is to operate a vehicle lit that, and it may be just enough to have police overlook it," said Lt. McKee.

McKee says this vehicle was not used to pull people over, but police have advised that if you are being pulled over by an unmarked police car, and you are unsure of it's a police officer or an impersonator, drive to a well-lit area and call 911.

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