Students poured into Matthew Knight Area for round two of vax

EUGENE, Ore. - Students are back at Matthew Knight arena for the second mass vaccination clinic running May 12 through May 14.

The vaccination is to protect against the type B meningitis. Many students are returning to receive the second of three doses. However, health officials will also be administering the first dose to anyone who did not receive it earlier this year.

Within the first hour of the clinic, hundreds of students lined up.

"I got the emails, and also my mom told me to get it," one student said.

The university partnered with Walgreens, Albertsons, and Safeway to give students protection against the new Type B Meningococcal infection. This is following six diagnosed infections at the U of O. One of them, Lauren Jones, died.

"The number one prevention is getting the vaccination and getting the second is more important than just getting the first so we want them to really think about that," said assistant director of emergency management Krysta Dillon.

Dillon said with each dose, students build more immunity and each person who is vaccinated contributes to a healthy campus body.

"Better safe than sorry and it didn't take much effort. It was right on campus so I came just right after class," said sophomore Savannah Lohonoyay.

"I just wanted to be more protected in case anything happens and my mom told me to get," said freshman Lindsey Sullivan.

The U of O said it's not too late if you haven't received the first does. They're targeting undergraduates and students living on campus.

Matthew Knight Arena isn't the only place to get the vaccine. Albertsons, Walgreens, and Safeway in Oregon are also distributing it. Students just need to show their ID.

To give students more incentive, the U of O said there will be pizza during the clinic this week.

The next round of vaccinations will be at Matthew Knight Arena October 5 through October 6.

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