Storm watch: 'Pick up some firewood, too, just in case the power goes out'

EUGENE, Ore. – Grocery stores saw crowds Friday as residents prepared for the ice storm in the forecast for Saturday.

“Busy, very busy," said Fred Meyer shopper Judy Ganen. "I think people are stocking up and getting ready."

People are getting ready for more winter weather, just three weeks after a severe ice storm left thousands of Lane County residents without power.

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Gansen said she lost power during the December ice storm. Luckily, she was out of town at the time.

Gansen and other shoppers aren’t taking any chances this time around.

Grocery stores bustled Friday with people who are stocking up on the essentials and preparing for the worst.

"So we are actually doing enough just so we don't have to go out this weekend again," shopper Joanne Lowden said at Fred Meyer. "So just making sure we have cream for coffee and you know the staples, eggs, meat and everything and we're going to actually pick up some firewood too just in case the power goes out."

With some items in high demand, it’s crucial for the shelves to stay stocked. But the ice and snow on the roads make that task more difficult for stores.

Mike Brown, the manager of Fred Meyer in Eugene, considered his store lucky.

“As far as getting the product in, we've been able to do that without fail, which is really great," he said. "I know the customers count on us to have that product and we've been able to sustain that through this weather for sure."

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