State senator: Why are Creswell administrators still employed?

UPDATE: The Creswell School District has placed the administrators on paid leave during investigation.

SALEM, Ore. - A state senator from Corvallis wants to know why two Creswell High School administrators caught exchanging text messages mocking former students remain employed.

"Please join me in asking Creswell School District why these two administrators are still employed," state Sen. Sara Gelser posted Wednesday evening on Facebook. "Our students deserve respect and support, not bullying and disparagement by their school leaders. Students need adult leaders they can trust and respect. That is something Creswell High students no longer have."

The Creswell School District superintendent said Wednesday that he could not comment on whether or not and how the two administrators would be punished.

A photograph shot over the shoulder of Creswell High School Assistant Principal Jordan Osborn during a basketball game at Pleasant Hill High School shows him trading texts with Principal Andy Bracco.

The texts appear to be about two former Creswell students who transferred to Pleasant Hill.

One of those texts remarked on Rachel Stauffer, who said she left Creswell after enduring relentless bullying about her weight.

"Looking fit and healthy im sure"

"She's 5'2 257 pounds"

Stauffer's father expressed disappointment Wednesday.

"She was constantly confiding in the principal of the school," Stauffer said of his daughter's time at Creswell High, "so the very person that attacked her was who she was confiding in."

Bracco and Osborn issued a written apology to the community.

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