Eugene start-up works to find alternative to growing plastic problem

    Start-up at University of Oregon works to find alternative to growing plastic problem

    EUGENE, Ore. - Some University of Oregon graduates have a new invention to do away with single-use plastics.

    It comes at a time when business and cities across the world are trying to be more environmentally conscious. On Wednesday, IKEA Japan announced that they'll no longer sell single-use plastic products, like straws and bags.

    We've seen Seattle and other cities place bans on certain plastics; even Eugene businesses are being more choosey on what they use. In the midst of all this, there's a start-up in our own backyard with an alternative to the plastic problem.

    There's four people on the team, and they all came together as part of a sustainable invention immersion program at the U of O.

    They're now working with an Oregon manufacturer on how to get their plastic to market. If you would like to contact the group, you can email them at

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