Springfield Police capture teen who escaped from county's juvenile detention facility

    Serbu Center weighing possible security changes following juvenile escape

    SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The teen who escaped from the county's juvenile detention facility last week has been captured.

    A Springfield Police officer stopped to talk to someone camping in a field, Lt. Scott McKee said.

    As he came closer, the officer recognized the teen and questioned him.

    The teen gave a false name, but later admitted he was the youth who escaped custody at the Serbu Center.

    Police said the 15-year-old escaped from the juvenile detention by grabbing a key from a guard, injuring the worker in the process.

    The boy then fled through several doors before climbing up a pipe to the roof and jumping to the ground.

    The teen is back in custody but will be moved to a higher security detention center in Salem.

    He already faced escape and assault charges but will face additional charges.

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