Springfield optimistic about future plans for Uber and Lyft

Springfield City Councilors discussed Uber and Lyft at Monday's meeting. SBG image

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The Springfield City Council discussed a number of issues Monday night ranging from marijuana business licensing to transportation and redevelopment.

The first topic on the agenda was deciding whether or not to allow transportation networks such as Uber and Lyft to operate in Springfield. Before making decision, they said they want to turn to Eugene for more insight.

Springfield wants to ask Eugene for more information on how they are currently handling Uber and Lyft and what they are doing to regulate their licensing requirements.

Tuesday's meeting was the first to talk about ride-sharing companies in Springfield. Councilors say they are optimistic about moving forward.

"What it would take Uber and Lyft to operate in our community so that we feel that it's safe, it's good for the drivers and that we can provide more employment for people who want to do this type of work,

said Christine Lundberg, Springfield mayor.

The council voted to lower the fees for medical and recreational marijuana business licenses. Fees would also be the same for recreational dispensaries who also sell medical weed.

Finally, the council approved building a wooden parking structure in the Glenwood area. The Springfield Economic Development Agency could potentially fund the project.

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