Springfield merchants look forward to a brighter Main Street

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – The City of Springfield is celebrating new LED lights illuminating Main Street. More of the bright lights will be installed later in January.

Springfield is set to install 58 LED light fixtures on two sections of Main Street. They’re the same type of lights the city installed in 2015 to glowing reviews from residents and shop owners.

“Downtown will look better. It will be brighter. It will be much more comfortable. It will be safer,” said Brian Barnett, Springfield traffic engineer.

Barnett said the $363,000 project is paid for with urban renewal funds.

Springfield purchased the lights 3 years ago from the City of San Diego. Now, they’re being refurbished.

“The LED components come in on the door and the door just screws right onto that,” Barnett said.

The new lights will complete a stretch from the Willamette River Bridge to 10th Street,

After the project is completed, the City will still have about 900 lights in storage. Barnett said funding will determine when future projects begin.

Downtown merchants said they can’t wait to see the results.

“Yeah, it just brings more energy to the immediate area. It will extend further down the street. So, just wonderful to see that growth,” said Kimberly Harrison, a downtown Springfield merchant.

“Especially at 4 or 5 o'clock it gets dark, and so it might help get us some more customers late in the afternoon,” said Laura Pence, a downtown shop employee.

The remaining lights are stored at the Booth Kelly Center, waiting for a future debut.

Barnett said one of the future projects for the lights will be in Glenwood, along Franklin Boulevard, and possibly along 42nd Street by the McKenzie Levy Path.

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