Springfield Jail Levy currently passing in Special Election

170111 Springfield Jail 1.jpg

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - With 8,860 total votes so far, the Springfield Jail and Police Levy is currently passing in the November Special Elections, with more than 68 percent in favor of the levy.

If passed, it would renew a five-year tax levy for the Springfield City Jail and Police Services.

Springfield's Chief of Police says the measure would pay for 41 jobs in the Police Department, and pay for operation of the Springfield City Jail.

However, that comes with higher property taxes for voters, charging $1.40 for every thousand dollar valuation, up 12 percent from the current tax rate.

"I recognize that people work hard for their money and the extra tax money they pay for the levy," said Chief Richard Lewis. "We have to spend it wisely, we have to be very judicious with it."

Officials say that property crimes in Springfield have dropped 31 percent since the jail opened.

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