'Springfield is changing. This is a very good thing'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The city of Springfield bought 1,000 used streetlights from San Diego.

Even after the cost of retrofitting the lights with modern electronics, Brian Barnett with the City of Springfield estimates the cost to the city will be less than half the price of new lights.

"We're going to put LED kits to improve the light output and the energy efficiency of these fixtures," he said.

Five hundred of the lamps will illuminate downtown Springfield as the city continues trying to rejuvenate the area.

Work will begin this summer to brighten Main Street between Fifth Street and Pioneer Parkway.

Business owners said they are optimistic the improvements will help the local economy.

"Springfield is changing," said Marilou Heriot of The Washburne Caf. "If you're not real sure about the area, you might think twice about coming down here with no lighting for your safety. This is a very good thing."

The remaining lights will be used in the Glenwood redevelopment project and in other areas where older lighting will need to be replaced.

The used lamps cost $85 each.

To retrofit each lamp - repaint, new doors and energy efficient LEDs - bumps the price up to around $630 each.

A new lamp would cost around $1563.

The majority of $5.3 million project is going into the wiring and underground work required to put these street lamps in.

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