Springfield City Council discusses progress in Franklin Boulevard Project

Springfield City Council meets to talk about the progress and upcoming expenses of the Franklin Boulevard Project.

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Springfield City Council met at a work session Tuesday night to discuss the Franklin Boulevard Project. The project will revamp the street McVay Highway west to Mississippi Avenue.

City councilors said the project has completed the 30 percent design review and has recently received the 60 percent plans which city staff is currently reviewing. The 60 percent design plans include elements such as the horizontal layout, vertical cross-sections, access design, sidewalk and bike facility locations, and more.

The project will drastically change traffic flow in the Glenwood area. One large change will be the three roundabouts added to the roadways. Development planners say roundabouts are safer, save time, and cost less. The city is working with the Academy of Arts and Academics to create sculptures for the roundabouts.

The city is acquiring three properties for the project. They're currently working on negotiations. They say staff is scheduled to make offers for the partial acquisitions in February.

The city council expects to submit its final plans in June and to give the notice to proceed for construction in late August.

Based on the current project plans, the city council says it over-budgeted by roughly $5 million. The current funding for the project is a little over $11 million. The city will either look elsewhere for ways to raise the money, or choose to not build the Mississippi intersection which is currently part of the project expenses.

The report on the progress was well received by city councilors. They expressed their support for Kristi Krueger who is the principle engineer for the City of Springfield.

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