Speeding, distracted driving lead saturation patrol stats in Lane County

(KMTR image)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Lane County Sheriff's deputies worked more than a hundred hours of overtime during the Labor Day holiday thanks to funding from state grants.

"These grants really allow us to have more of a visible presence in the community and a focus on the distracted driving , the lack of seat belt use , things like that," said Lane County Sheriff's Sgt. Carrie Carver.

Hundreds of citations were handed out during the two week saturation period, including 62 for speeding and 33 for distracted driving.

"If somebody never gets caught talking on their cell phone, there isn't really a lot of deterrent until they get a ticket or they have a crash," Carver explained, "that jarring experience that causes that change in behavior."

To clarify, you need to pull over and park before using your device; using it at a red light or stop sign can get you a citation.

Carver says tickets for cell phone use range all the way up to jail time.

"I encourage people to think of the type of damage that a motor vehicle can do to a person or another vehicle if in fact you do get into a crash, because that is something that you can't take back."

The sheriff's office hopes contacts they made over the saturation period will result in a change that could save a life.

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