South Eugene students march to UO, downtown

Students from South Eugene High School hit the streets on Wednesday in what they described as a "March for Unity." (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - Students gathered in front of South Eugene High School around noon.

Student leaders said the crowd of over 100 exceeded their expectations.

The group left the high school and weaved through the City of Eugene as they sang songs and held signs.

Students involved in the march said they hope it spreads a powerful message.

“I hope that it shows those who voted Trump or third-party or however you voted, that we are not going to give up and we're not going to roll over just because you won this one,” said Thuja Wood, a student at South Eugene High School.

The group ended their march in Kesey Square in downtown Eugene.

Students crowded the square as march leaders voiced their support for their community - and their disapproval of President-elect Donald Trump.

Although the students were in the spotlight, some parents were cheering from the sidelines.

“Should she go to class, or should she go to the Peace March?" parent Tom Jacobs said. "Normally I’d say, you'd better go to class. And today, we said, both my wife and I, said this is important, this is an important thing for your life, do what is in your heart. And that's what she's doing."

The Eugene 4J School District said this was a student-organized march and not organized by South Eugene High School itself.

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