Smoke still present at Jones Fire a year later

Popular trails and hike remain closed till next fall from the Jones Fire that burned last year July 9th, 2018. at Willamette National Forest Northeast of Lowell, Ore. (Clara Benitez/SBG)

LOWELL, Ore.- After the wildfires last summer, there are still some closures in the Willamette National Forest.

The Jones Fire, which burned close to Lowell last summer, is still having an effect on summer campers.

Residents may remember last august, when the Jones Fire began burning in the Middle Fork Ranger District.

A spokesperson with the Willamette national forest tells us that the most popular locations that will be closed until next fall are Puma and Bedrock Campgrounds, Little Cowhorn Look Out and the Fall Creek Trail is closed after a-mile-and-a-half.

Road 18 in the Willamette National Forest has been re-opened with only a limited amount of campgrounds for use.

The Forest Service says some of the fires from last summer are now flaring up.

Officials say they notice some smoke from the Jones Fire last week.

“Fire officials noticed, a little bit of smoke last week in the deep interior on the jones fire--it was a tree that had been burning that probably burned all winter or just smoldered all winter,” says spokesperson Tracy Weaver, with the Pacific Northwest Regional Forest Service.

Meanwhile, several campgrounds and trails are still closed due to hazardous conditions.

“For public safety we just as that you stick to the trails, that you know are open and avoid those areas where you can still see some heat and other hazards from imposed burned areas,” says Weaver.

For more specific locations on the closure click on the Jones Fire.

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