Small updates made to Hayward Field reconstruction; overall design to stay the same

    Hayward Field grandstand mock design - photo courtesy University of Oregon

    EUGENE, Ore. - The University of Oregon has released updates to the construction at Hayward Field that will include changes to the overall design.

    The updates have been reported to be minor, but the overall look of the new facilities going up at the site of Hayward field will largely stay similar to what has been released.

    The updated design, which is said to be issued in order to manage costs and increase functionality, feature the following:

    - The north side of the bowl will now be at ground level, allowing views inside from the northeast. Inside, a ramp and stairs lead to both the east and west from the ground to a concourse level looping in a U-shape around the field. This will also eliminate a previously included water feature.

    - Seating capacity will be about 12,500.

    - This design will make it easier to accommodate temporary seating for large events, such as Oregon 21, up to about 30,000. The updated design means that temporary seating will be closer to athletes and stadium activities.

    - Now termed the Oregon Tower, the nine-story landmark will be shifted south and east, aligning with the east stands.

    - The 4,000-square-foot Hayward Field Museum is slated for construction under the east side of the stadium, with windows along Agate Street.

    Construction on the site started earlier in the summer, which the old facilities at Hayward Field being torn down.

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