Siri roots for OSU: 'Oregon has Nike, but now we have Apple'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - While college football fans in Oregon have two local teams to root for, the users of apple products might bet a bias opinion from their phone or tablet.

If iOS users ask Siri what her favorite college football team is, she'll say she's pulling for the Beavers.

After asking their smart phones the same question, Oregon State students said all agreed that it was great to hear before the season started.

"I think it's really cool," said Tyler Aldrich a student at OSU. "I think that it will start something to go across the country and maybe get more fans for the Beavers."

"Oregon has Nike but now we have Apple. That's awesome," said student Trevor Alexander.

Oregon State's head football coach Mike Riley said his son living in Austin posed the same question only to get the same answer of 'that makes me a fan of Oregon state right now'.

"I like the answer! I appreciated that," Head Coach Riley told our news team.

If you ask Siri what her favorite college basketball team is she'll answer with 'the Ducks', meaning that both Oregon schools are getting some recognition.

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