Shoot or Don't Shoot: How officers prepare for the worst situations

In order to train for armed suspects and other unpredictable situations, Eugene police officers use a tactical simulator. NBC 16's John Franchi tried it out himself to see how difficult it can be to make a judgement call in the moment. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. – The Eugene Police Department’s tactical simulator trains officers for situations they might encounter while on duty.

Officers often encounter situation where they’re forced to make quick judgments.

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The simulator scenarios give them a taste of acting fast and a way to learn from their training.

Before entering the simulator, officers must exercise to get their heart rate up.

Then, they could be faced with any number of situations. An active shooting at a high school is what NBC 16’s John Franchi walked into.

“This is one of the most stressful things an officer can get involved in,” said Sgt. Ryan Molony from the Eugene Police Department.

In the simulator, officers must decide whether or not to pull the trigger on their handgun.

All the scenarios are based on real life events.

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