Sheldon High Schoolers join national walkout against gun violence

Hundreds of students at Sheldon High School walked out Wednesday against gun violence. Photo by Audrey Weil.

EUGENE, Ore. -- Hundreds of students at Sheldon High School walked out Wednesday as part of a national movement against gun violence.

Sheldon students left class at noon and then marched off campus, chanting "We want change."

Students say now's the time for their voices to be heard, following the Florida school shooting last week.

They say they want more to be done across the country to keep schools safe.

"You shouldn't have to fear oh is something going to happen today. You should be able to focus on your education and not be worried that somethings going to happen to you," student Brooklynn Fenton said.

They said they're inspired by the students in Parkland who've spoken out since the shooting, saying their generation can make a difference.

"Use your voice. I mean even if it's not necessarily on this topic. There's so many things going on right now and I think it's important that people unite together. I think that's so cool. We didn't expect a big turnout and here we were," student Kai'li Matiako said.

Eugene 4J School District spokesperson Kerry Delf said the walkout was entirely student led; the district and schools don't condone walking out of school.

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