'She had a smile and laugh that was really beautiful': Friends remember Candice Kunze

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Parts of the Douglas and Lane County community in Oregon are still in disbelief over what happened on Thanksgiving day in Virginia, after a couple that formerly lived and worked in Oregon were fatally shot by a youth pastor in a triple-homicide.

Candice Kunze, also known as "Candy," and her boyfriend, Andrew Buthorn, were both physical therapists in Eugene and Sutherlin.

According to police, both were killed by Candy's step-father, who also reportedly murdered his wife Jeanett Gattis on Thanksgiving in their Virginia home.

Many described Candy as a beautiful soul who impacted the lives of her patients and the people around her. Candy and Andrew were both physical therapists in Oregon, and Candy worked and lived in Roseburg, but filled in at Oregon Medical Group in Eugene.

According to her previous employer, Candy moved back to Virginia to be closer to her family, as well as being able to travel the world.

Kunze's friend, Asha Easton, saw her a few months ago in Croatia as part of a 10-year reunion with their study abroad program. She says Candy was a ball of energy, and was always positive and influential in many different ways.

"She had a smile and laugh that was really beautiful, and she was such a warm person," said Easton. "There isn't anywhere that girl has gone where she hasn't touched someone's life in a really positive, meaningful way."

Kunze's recent employer says she impacted the lives of her patients, and can't believe the world has lost someone like her.

Following the Thanksgiving tragedy, Easton started a Go Fund Me page with the rest of her friends to help Candy's brother. To donate to the page, you can visit

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