Shana Thomas Barr's athletic legacy continues at Springfield High School

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Shana's Jump and Run event will celebrate its fourth year Thursday at Springfield High School. The event is in honor of Shana Thomas Barr, a former Springfield High School track star who battled cancer.

Shana's family said it's important to them that the event is held at Springfield High School to give back to the athletics at a school where she made a lasting impression.

Shana Barr has held the record for triple jump and long jump for 22 years at Springfield High School.

"She was strong. She was healthy and she was determined," said Heather Van Buskirk, founder of Shana's Jump and Run.

The legacy of her athleticism is the inspiration for Shana's Jump and Run event at Silke Field Thursday.

It's a track meet open to athletes of all levels, including families and kids. It raises money for funds for Springfield High School athletes.

"She would love this event. She would love seeing kids use track to just further themselves," Van Buskirk said.

For her family, thinking about Shana's loss to battling cancer brings tears and a wave of emotions. However, they embrace her passing as an opportunity to support high school athletics.

"The kids have less access to athletics as we did when we were in high school," Van Buskirk said.

Over the past four years, the event has raised close to $15,000. Executive director of the Springfield Education Foundation, Ronnel Cury, has met the athletes who receive the grants.

"It does make the dreams come true of our track athletes," she said.

The event is full of family friendly activities hoping to inspire kids to jump and run into athletics.

"I love running, I love Shana's jump and run," said Orion Van Buskirk, Shana's nephew.

Most of Shana's family helps organize the event. They hope they make an impact in the track world as Shana did.

"Just don't stop running. Keep running," said Alexis Barr, Shana's daughter.

"So if they can take that and get excited and maybe think, well maybe I can go to college with this. Maybe I can try for a scholarship. Maybe I can use this to get further. That would be really exciting," Van Buskirk said.

Registration for Shana's Jump and Run is open online. Tickets are $5 and the event runs from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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