Sen. Ron Wyden meets with non-profits, talks about house-passed healthcare

Senator Ron Wyden listening to concerns. (SBG Photo)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Sen. Ron Wyden spoke with more than a dozen non-profit organizations in a round-table discussion at Relief Nursery Saturday morning.

"This health bill that came out of the house is a prescription for trouble for Oregon families," Wyden said. "I'm going to fight it every single step of the way."

The American Health Care Act is headed to the senate and Wyden's constituents say they're worried about what will happen to their families if Obamacare is repealed.

"Like everyone else here today, I still live in fear," Obamacare advocate True Mattson said.

Mattson is afraid her husband's healthcare could be taken away.

"In 1987, when somebody drove through with a car and hit him and he had brain surgery, he was completely paralyzed," Mattson said. "He had to have a shunt imprinted in his brain and from that moment he became un-insurable in this country."

Before Obamacare, Mattson said her husband, Rick, had other medical issues that couldn't be addressed because of his first brain surgery.

"Our journey through catastrophe is a lot like a lot of people here," Mattson said. "It took us from a comfortable life we love through financial devastation to homelessness, which a $4 prescription would have prevented if my husband would have been able to access a cardiologist, but he was unable because they refused to see him."

Now, Mattson and her husband are afraid the only insurance he is eligible for is on the chopping block.

"If these programs are eliminated, our families will suffer," Mattson said.

Wyden said stories like these will be voiced on the senate floor to show opposition to President Donald Trump's new health care plan.

"No senator's kids are going to have to worry about these types of problems," Wyden said. "It's time for the senate to step up now, do the right thing, reject this house health bill, this bill that's a prescription of trouble."

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