Sen. Wyden meets cyber security experts at the UO

Senator Ron Wyden met with cyber security experts at the UO Friday. SBG Image

EUGENE, Ore. - Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and cyber security experts met Friday at the University of Oregon.

Tech-savvy folks from the UO, PeaceHealth Hospital and Eugene-area technology executives talked about creating new ways to strengthen online defenses.

Experts say the healthcare industry often lags behind in their security infrastructure. So they're seen as easy targets for a lot of hackers.

They say private companies and the government also struggle to recruit people who can help them fend off digital attacks.

"The only way you can do your job well is to have these kinds of discussions where you can really get information on complicated issues, like encryption, from people who live and breathe it all the time," Wyden said.

The FBI received more than 2,000 ransomware crime reports nationwide in 2015.

Wyden says he'll take Friday's input back to Washington DC to help draft new legislation to make it safer for consumers and companies.

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