Ice storm closes schools, leaving parents looking for alternatives

Most schools canceled classes on Thursday, December 16, 2016, in the wake of the ice storm. Here, kids are enjoying their "ice" day at Fidgets2Widgets in Eugene. (SBG/Justina Coelho)

UPDATES | Current list of school closures and delays

EUGENE, Ore. - The icy aftermath closed almost every school and day care center in the area, except for a few.

Fidgets2Widgets owner Pam Simon says they have never closed due to weather. They open earlier on days when they know parents will be needing child care the most.

"The phones have been ringing off the hook," Simon said Thursday morning.

Erin Lane was one of those parents looking for child care.

"He would much rather hang out here then hang out with me at work," Lane said.

We asked the kids how they felt about school being cancelled.

"I was super excited," said 9-year-old Cameron Fujikawa. "So the first thing I asked is, 'Can I go to Fidget2Widgets?

Fujikawa wasn't the only kid jumping for joy when they heard school was cancelled.

"I woke up to my dad and I said YES!” remembers 9-year-old Jazmin Berry.

Some kids are in the final stretch of the school year.

"I don't want school because it's almost winter break," says 12-year-old Kellan Voorhies. "So I was like, ok this is pretty cool."

Along with playing video games, drawing, and reading, the kids also said they enjoyed playing in the ice.

"We got to play in our yard," says 7-year-old Maddie Scott. "And our grass was all freezed up. We got to crunch."

Inside, the kids played with Fidgets2Widgets high-tech learning tools, like a 3-D printer, virtual reality station, robotics, and computer games.

They also drank hot chocolate, watched Christmas movies, and had a good ole' fashioned pretend sword fight with foam swords.

Fidget2Widgets is located at 1142 Willagillespie Road, Suite 7 in Eugene.

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