Saginaw Mobile Home Park to receive major improvements

Saginaw Mobile Home Park in Lane County will see major improvements soon. Photo from Oct. 13, 2018. (SBG)

SAGINAW, Ore. -- Saginaw Mobile Home Park in Lane County will be looking at significant improvements as St. Vincent de Paul renovates the area.

Located off Hwy 99, the park was a hot spot for crime for years, making it hard for those who lived on-site.

Families that live in the 41 mobile home spaces were in desperate need of a clean and safe environment.

Now, that's coming to life with new features like better roads, a community center and playground.

The project is almost complete with a few new features still in the works.

A picnic area will bring the community together while a new system will be installed to lower utility costs through solar energy, continuing to improve the park for all residents.

The park has had its share of challenges.

"It had connectivity problems, arsenic in the well, a fair amount of dysfunctional behavior, a lot of police calls out here, a lot of sheriff calls out here," explains Terry McDonald, director of St. Vincent de Paul in Lane County.

But that's all changing as St. Vincent de Paul gives the park a makeover.

"The volunteers kept coming back to me and saying this place really needs a lot of help; 'can't you find a way to make it better'," says McDonald. "Two years ago when the opportunity to purchase it became available, we really knew we could do something significant."

With new roads, a community center, laundry, showers, and even a playground for kids, it's not just improving the lives of the people who live in the park but for the community as a whole.

"Anytime you can improve the lives of children, it's going to benefit our entire society," says Creswell City Council President Richard Zettervall, "it brings about a healthy environment, a more fun environment, and a much more family-friendly-oriented environment."

Having a place for the kids to play was extra important for families at Saginaw.

"It's great," says park resident Nanci Powell, "having a place for the kids to go is wonderful, not being in the street playing around. It'll be great knowing he's in a safer place."

Adds McDonald: "You know that there are a lot of kids who live here. We want to have them have the best chance they can to move on with their lives; if you have a decent place to come home to, it helps a lot."

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