Running in the new year

More than 150 runners will take to the streets to run into the new year with the 'First Run' 10K and 5K.

EUGENE, Ore. — For a lot of people, getting in shape is their New Year's resolution, and some chose to run right into the new year onn Sunday night and Monday morning, at Eugene's 'First Run' event.

Just before the clock struck midnight, some runners took to the streets. For others, a more reasonably timed morning run was the choice in the two-part First Run.

The temperature was in the thirties, but that didn't stop runners from competing in the 10K or 5K run.

"I just ran six miles for as hard as I could, so I'll stay warm for the next five to ten minutes," said Justin Banks with a laugh.

The run wrapped up around noon at Valley River Center, and organizers say that hundreds of runner participated to ring in the new year.

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