'Roundabouts are proven to reduce fatalities': Work begins on Franklin Boulevard

McVay Roundabout design - graphic courtesy City of Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Construction on Franklin Boulevard began Monday.

The utility work will cause delays and detours from Lexington Street to Brooklyn Avenue in the Glenwood area.

"SUB is out there doing their portion of the project, things that need to happen down under the streets as far as moving lines and pipes and stuff," Loralyn Spiro with the City of Springfield said.

Construction will continue into 2017.

The finished project will include multiple roundabouts in the new design.

"Roundabouts are proven to reduce fatalities by 90 percent and overall injuries by 75 percent, so it's really a safety project," Spiro said.

Business will remain open during utility work and no residences will be displaced by the road design and construction.

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