Ride that injured boy in Medford will be at county fair in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - The carnival ride that injured a boy in Medford last week will be at the Lane County Fair this week.

The Zipper is safe to ride, Funtastic Entertainment officials said Tuesday.

The ride was inspected after the incident, which cut the boy's cheek as he stood in line waiting to board the ride, the Medford Mail Tribune reported. Within 36 hours, Funtastic officials felt confident the ride was ready to resume service.

The injury came from a non-mechanical part of the ride, a Funtastic official said Tuesday in Eugene.

The ride has received extra scrutiny since the incident, a Funtastic official said.

"It's run through several cycles and final inspection is undergone on the ride. And then once everything passes it's put in to service and ready for operation," said Kyle Bennett, Funtastic operations manager.

Bennett said companies that operate carnival rides are very familiar with their equipment because they set them up and take them down each week.

"We have many employees who are specialized in a few more particular rides than others," he said, "and then we have a few folks who really have a tremendous knowledge base of all the rides."

A recently released analysis of emergency room admissions found that an average of 4,423 children nationwide suffer injuries on carnival rides.

Also this week, an adult woman died on a rollercoaster at an established Texas amusement park.

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