'Really they have made our Christmas': Meet families who benefit from the NBC16 Toy Drive

The Relief Nursery helps about two thousand families every year. Those families also receive gifts through our Toy Drive. Photo by Audrey Weil.

EUGENE, Ore. - Every week, Michelle brings her two boys, Ethan and Aaron, to the Relief Nursery for preschool, counseling and anything else they might need.

"We've accomplished a lot and we've gotten where we are because of this place," Michelle said.

The Relief Nursery helps about two thousand families every year with a number of services from recovery programs to parenting classes to home visits.

"There are a lot of hurting families in this community and they're just living in chaos and they just need a break and that's really where Relief Nursery can step in and help these families," Director of Philanthropy Jennifer Solomon said.

Michelle says they've even helped her and her boys through tragedy and the transition to becoming a single mom.

"Without my faith and the support that we've had I could be in a gutter somewhere you know my boys could not have me you know but there are just so many places that we could be that we're not," Michelle said. "i attribute them to the strength that I have. They've had a big part of it. I feel like nothing can really stop me at this point."

They also receives toys through the Relief Nursery from our NBC16 and Les Schwab Toy Drive.

"Really they have made our Christmas," Michelle said the boys look forward to the gifts every year.

You can donate at any of the Les Schwab locations in Lane, Coos and Douglas counties.

The donations go to local families through the Relief Nursery, Salvation Army and Brattain House.

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