Rare brown booby found on Oregon Coast en route back to native tropics

NEWPORT, Ore. - A female brown booby pushed north from the tropics to the Oregon Coast by a winter storm spent 10 days recuperating at the Oregon Coast Aquarium before heading to California on Tuesday.

Aquarium staff picked up the bird from a home near Depoe Bay on February 4.

“Due to time constraints, aviculture staff at the Aquarium won’t normally do ‘bird calls’ like that, but this bird warranted that extra step,” said aviculturist Charlee Beck, who helped pick up the bird. “The weather that day was awful, and we wanted to ensure that this bird received the timeliest care possible.”

Brown boobies have been seen in Oregon fewer than 20 times.

The birds breed off both coasts of Mexico. They usually only appear in the U.S. when carried north by storms.

After 10 days recuperating at the Aquarium, the bird was flown to International Bird Rescue (IBR) in San Pedro, California on February 14.

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The team there will make sure the bird is stable before releasing it back into the wild, the Aquarium said.

The Aquarium urges people who find an animal in distress to leave it alone.

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"When in doubt, contact Oregon State Police at 800-452-7888," the Aquarium said in a statement. "Fish and wildlife officials, or qualified wildlife rehabilitators who can provide instructions on how to proceed and get the animal to safety if they feel it is appropriate."

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