Preparing for an earthquake: the difference between day and night

Cascadia Subduction Zone map.png

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Living along the Cascadia Subduction Zone has many Portlanders concerned about the impending "Big One."

And though many of us know we should "drop, cover and hold" in case of an earthquake, many people may not know that's not the right thing to do if the "Big One" were to hit at night.

"When you're in bed, stay in bed, put your pillow over your head. Do not get under your bed, because the bed is too large to hold onto and you're liable to be trampled," Steve Eberlein with the American Red Cross said.

The deadly earthquake that hit Italy this week hit around 3:30 a.m.

Eberlein recommends you make sure items around your bed are securely fastened down so they don't hit you or knock you out while you're sleeping. He also recommends you keep a crow bar by your bed in case you need to pry open the bedroom or hallway door.

Click here for more earthquake preparedness tips from the Red Cross.

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