Positive Community Kitchen volunteers extend work to garden

Positive Community Kitchen volunteers are now working in the garden, extending the programs "farm to table" mission. (SBG/Sara Mattison)

EUGENE, Ore. - Positive Community Kitchen makes free, nutritious meals for people battling life-threatening illnesses.

Three months ago, PCK was serving full-course meals to about 15 clients and their families.

Volunteers - young and old - cooked in the kitchen once a week.

But now that has all changed.

And the changes start in the garden at Skinner City Farm.

For the first time, PCK is sending their volunteers to work in the garden this summer.

It's become a great lesson in understanding PCK's farm-to-table philosophy.

"Really where it starts is whole foods, it starts in the ground with the dirt,' said Volunteer Garden Leader Megan Payette Fuqua.

This garden is one of a handful of places the kitchen gets its fresh, organic produce. Now that there's more help:

"With more hands more gets done, you know with more hands we can seed more, we can prep more beds," said Payette Fuqua.

Which is good news because PCK has recently expanded.

"Doubling the amount of time in the kitchen in order to double our resources so we can double the amount of clients," said Head Chef Cody Fuqua.

The number of volunteers hasn't fluctuated, but Fuqua said he's seen more young adults get involved.

"Which is great because they are spending their time from their Summer learning to cook and cooking for people that you know they don't even know," said Chef Fuqua.

The Positive Community Kitchen will have an upcoming fundraiser in September. To learn more about that event and how you can get involved at PCK, click here.

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