Police: Suspect's attempt to flee fails - again

Flavio Robledo mug shot - photo courtesy Klamath County Sheriff's Office

OAKRIDGE, Ore. - Records show the suspect in Sunday's high speed chase on Highway 58 was also taken into custody three weeks ago for another car chase in Linn County.

Oregon State Police say 20-year-old Eugene resident Flavio Robledo is responsible for a series of burglaries and break-ins.

Police say the most recent incident took place around 2 p.m. Sunday, March 27, when Robledo stole a silver Buick.

The high speed chase led multiple police agencies from Eugene to Klamath County. Police followed Robledo east on Highway 58. Oregon State Police continued the pursuit.

"They were going uphill. We were coming down hill. And the next thing we know is there's a car in my lane," said James Cody, a witness to the pursuit.

Cody said he and his wife were driving on Highway 58 when Robledo barely missed hitting their vehicle.

"We're pretty shook up. We had a very nice dinner last night and we're thankful to be alive," said James Cody, a witness to the pursuit.

Cody said Robledo was traveling close to 80 miles per hour and was followed by six or seven police cars.

After several miles, troopers stopped chasing the suspect for safety reasons. Officers later found the stolen vehicle crashed a few miles away. They caught up with Robledo who, they say, ran into the woods.

Police say this was the second time in March that Robledo had a run-in with the law. The Linn County Sheriff's Office says earlier in March, Robledo was caught after kicking in a back door of a home in Albany. He was only wearing boxer shorts and shoes.

Robledo fled the home after the owner confronted him. He then stole a car from another home, crashed it in a farm field, and walked back to the first house.

Then, he allegedly stole a car at another nearby farm and drove to the Walmart in Lebanon where deputies say he tried to steal clothes.

Robledo is currently booked in the Klamath County Jail facing multiple charges.

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