Police: Pair attacked fellow golfers with clubs at Rose City Golf Club

Jacob Self and Matthew Leo (Multnomah County Jail)

Portland Police say two men were arrested after brutally attacking two other golfers with their clubs at the Rose City Golf Club earlier this month.

Police say Jacob Self and Matthew Leo were golfing on May 5 when they began interfering with the play of two other men and a witness.

The situation de-escalated quickly, but the group had another run-in shortly after that. Police say Leo swung his golf club at the head of one of the men, who was able to block the blow with his arms. The swing was so hard, the head of the club broke off.

At the same time, police say Self swung his club at the other man, hitting him in the back and side, causing a large red welt.

Both also suffered broken fingers.

The two victims and a witness were able to hold Leo and Self down until officers arrived.

Self and Leo were charged with attempted assault, unlawful use of weapon, and assault.

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