Police: Mother arrested after child found wandering in Springfield

Renee Bradshaw (Lane County Sheriff's Office mugshot)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- A four-year-old boy was found wandering Springfield by himself naked, and now his mother is facing a neglect charge.

Springfield Police say his mother was reportedly asleep when he left home.

Police say Renee Bradshaw reportedly told police she had taken a sedative after a medical procedure.

SPD says the four-year-old was found in the area of Hayden Bridge Way and Grovedale Drive around 3 p.m. Thursday.

A driver got him out of the road and called police, who started looking for the boy's parents. Police say the driver searched for the child's mother after calling police and even posted to social media, but couldn't immediately find the parents.

Department of Human Services took in the child while SPD continued to look for the parents.

A citizen who saw the social media post recognized the child belonged toa woman on B Street and went to Bradshaw's home, who was not aware that the child was missing, police said.

A resident recognized the boy from a police social media post and helped officers contact Bradshaw, who now faces a second degree child neglect charge.

Police are still investigating the circumstances.

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