'Confetti pop fireworks with the wrapper torn off' triggers bomb scare at Oregon Walmart

Police and firefighters outside the Walmart in Lebanon, Oregon, on Thursday, June 29, after reports of a possible pipe bomb triggered an evacuation. (SBG)

LEBANON, Ore. - Police evacuated Walmart after reports of a possible pipe bomb inside the store Thursday morning.

"It is being evacuated for precautionary purposes only at his time," Lebanon Police said in a statement. "We ask the public to please refrain from going in the area."

Lebanon Police said the device was found near the emergency exit close to the Sporting Goods department.

"The caller described the device as a silver pipe about a foot long in size, welded at one end, with tin foil covering both ends and no visible wires," police said.

The Oregon State Police bomb squad arrived around 11:22 a.m., police said.

The bomb squad determined the "pipe bomb" was "a confetti pop fireworks with the wrapper torn off," Oregon State Police said before 1 p.m. Thursday.

"Officers have checked the immediate area and did not find anything else suspicious. Area has been rendered safe and business has been resumed to normal," police said in a statement. "Walmart has been reopened to the public. Thank you for your patience."

Police would like to hear from anyone with information about the case, including why the wrapping was removed and why the device was left at the store. You can call (541) 258-4350.

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