Police chase ends in crash: 'Then cops pulled their guns out'

EUGENE, Ore. - Suspects fleeing police crashed in front of a local brewery Wednesday afternoon.

Officers then had to chase down the three suspects on foot.

Police took Sarah Erickson, 34; Matthew Olson, 25; and a 17-year-old into custody.

Springfield Police had been looking for the three since Tuesday night. They are suspects in car break-ins, stolen vehicles, ID theft and other crimes, police said.

"Initially it was information shared with EPD about them being in a stolen car and some of the cases that happened over there," said Sgt. David Lewis, "but we also know that some of the thefts involve guns and firearms, so we wanted to find them as soon as we could."

Lewis said police learned the three were staying at a motel in Glenwood.

While detectives were heading there, a patrol officer spotted the suspects in Erickson's car.

Lewis said Erickson sped off west on Franklin Boulevard before crashing in front of Elk Horn Brewery.

Elk Horn brewer Sam Scoggin said the business sustained some landscape damage that's going to be expensive to repair.

He watched police take the trio into custody.

"Then cops pulled their guns out and basically held their guns on the two male suspects," he said. "They both got on the ground immediately. Then she was caught very shortly after."

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