Police: Bombs found inside suspicious bag in Long Beach, Wash.

Explosive devices found by Long Beach Police - Photo from Deputy Chief Casey Meling.

LONG BEACH, Wash. – Police discovered two explosive devices inside of a bag near downtown Long Beach on Monday, officials with the department said.

They first received a report from a man who found suspicious garbage bags near some bushes in a wooded area off of SW Third Street, a couple blocks from Pacific Way. He thought they were lost property, so he took it to the police station, where it was confirmed the items inside were two homemade jar explosives and a nail gun.

Deputy Chief Casey Meling says there's possible rat poison inside the two mason jars and some shrapnel.

Daniel Hohl works at Castaways Seafood Grille across the street from the police station. He was cooking Monday night when he saw police surround the garbage bags outside.

"A bomb could've gone off and it could've affected right over there where I work," he said. "You're wondering what it is, especially when there's six cops that show up, takes something away and then we're like, 'What's going on? What's in those bags?' It's crazy to think it was a bomb."

In a town known to attract tourists and families, police say this is not a common occurrence for them.

No one was hurt, but locals are still shocked something could happen in their quiet small beach community.

"Wow, I knew about gunshots, but I didn't know anything about IEDs around here," said Thomas Walling who lives nearby.

"It's crazy, it's shocking, it's really wondering letting the kids run around by themselves," said Hohl. "It's just untrusting as a community."

The Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad safely detonated the bombs later that evening.

Police do not have any suspects at this time. They are urging people to not pick up any unattended bags and to instead call the police.

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