Police arrest man after attempted robbery of Eugene market

Keith Randel (Lane County Sheriff's Office booking photo / SBG background image)

EUGENE, Ore. -- A man is behind bars after Eugene police say he tried to rob the 7-11 on Broadway and Patterson Monday night.

Police say 28-year-old Keith Joseph Randel jumped over the counter at the store and fought with an employee before running off.

Randel asked for a pack of cigarettes - but didn't have a way to pay, police said.

"The clerk pulled the cigarettes out of his hand, and the man (...) took a candy bar and ate it," police said in a report. "The clerk came around the counter to escort Randel from the store and when she walked to the front of the counter, Randel jumped on the counter and grabbed the cigarettes. The two struggled on the ground and eventually the clerk was able to shove Randel out the front door."

Eugene Police say he was later arrested on Broadway and Pearl.

He now faces a felony robbery charge.

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